Slides easily over installed truss.
RafterDeTTail shown installed on truss.

 RafterDeTTails are a better choice when it comes to exterior architectural detailing.  Installed  RafterDeTTails have the appearance of flawless hand-crafted timber corbels and because they are a manufactured wood product they will maintain this appearance for many years.  The innovative slot ("channel") has been designed so that the  RafterDeTTails can slide easily over the top chord of an installed roof truss or outrigger.  Click the Installation link for more details.

These laminated, all wood, slide-on rafter tails deliver an unmatched combination of economic, environmental, appearance, quality, and design advantages.  The advantages of  RafterDeTTails warrant their consideration in almost any case where corbels are a preferred part of the architecture.

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